Over 100 Affirmations For Positive Change

Affirmations are a great way to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, and what you want in life. Most of us simply need to change our thoughts, before any positive change will ever happen. Throughout history a change of thought has literally changed families, communities, nations, and the world. The purpose here is to help those who dare to dream have a better understanding, and an avenue toward their inner potential.

Affirmations are simply positive suggestions, or phrases with specific meanings to help override destructive belief patterns. Try speaking words that have purpose, power, and meaning into your mind on a daily basis, and see what happens. Your life, and everything around you will; suddenly take on new meaning. And you’ll be amazed at how you feel.


Over 100 Affirmations for your life

Master the art of positive suggestions speaking encouraging words into your mind. It’s no secret that we become what we think about …..So why not think about want you want in life instead of what you don’t.?  Affirmations are a great place to start for anyone who want’s to improve their overall results.

But this is only the beginning. If you practice affirmations properly on a daily basis your mind will begin to direct you in ways you never imagined.. You’ll think of solutions to problems that seemed impossible before. Brilliant ideas will pop into your mind out of nowhere triggering creative ways to do things better, and more efficient.

You’ll become more productive, more alert, and motivated as you learn to master the art of positive suggestions. After getting into a relaxed meditative mood speak these words into your mind. Focus on each word with emotion as you try to connect with yourself at a deeper level of consciousness. Here’s over 100 affirmations below to get started with.

1. I take time to express love to people all around me.

2. Each challenge I face makes me stronger, wiser, and more knowledge.

3. Daily I’m becoming more positive about my future.

4. Each day that passes I practice being the real “me” who I like, and love.

5. Everyday I’m producing positive changes in m life.

6. I’m feeling more alive, alert, and confident everyday.

7. I’m starting to understand myself better and better, as

8. I grow my life.

9. I am advancing my life moment by moment with new experiences.

10. Everything I need already exist, and is waiting for me.

11. My life is in perfect harmony with my true desires.

12. I am more aware of what I want, and how to get it.

13. I’m willing to do what it takes to make my dreams come true.

14. All my thoughts, feelings, and emotions are now under my control.

15. I am positive beyond limitations.

16. My personal power is in perfect harmony with my purpose.

17. I love myself, and people around me with a pure heart.

18. I am filled with joy, enthusiasm, and life.

19. From this day forward I walk in light, love, energy, and power.

20. My vision and purpose in life is perfectly clear, and positive.

21. Everyday I notice positive changes happening all around.



22. I am forever grateful to finally be free from past habits.

23. I am alive, alert, and ready to face another day.

24. I am free from all compulsions.

25. I’m very proud of my healthy lifestyle.

26. I am completely responsible for my life and my actions.

27. Each day I’m creating new positive habits, that make my life easier.

28. My mind alters my thoughts, and my thoughts alter my habits.

29. I’m in complete control over my thoughts and my mind.

30. Altering a habit is as simple as changing a thought.

31. I’m gaining more and more control over my habits everyday.

32. Each time I’m challenged with a habit, I feel a greater sense of control.

33. I am constantly doing what is best for my body.

Positive Change

34. I no longer allow bad habits to influence my life.

35. I am now seeing positive changes happen in my life.

37. I no longer allow bad habits to influence my life.

38. I’m in complete control of my success.

39. It feels good to be free from past habits.

40. My life is filled with hope and abundance.

41.  Every moment, I feel more in control over my mind, and my impulses.

42. I am completely committed to living a life free from bad habits

43. My life is being restored with infinite power, energy, and self-control.

44. I’m more positive about my life than ever before.


Health and Wellness 

We can speak positive words into our mind, body, and spirit for healing. This is done through prayer, and meditation to enhance our overall wellness. Imagine the benefits when you master positive affirmations.

45. I am now increasing all levels of energy – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

46. I am so grateful for my health and well-being

47. I have abundant energy, vitality, and a great sense of well-being.

48. My health is excellent, and I am perfectly fit.

49. I love and care for my body, and my body cares for me.

50. I know my life is in Gods hands of grace and restoration.

51. I’m filled with energy to do all my daily activities.

52. I give myself permission to heal.

53. I’m healthy, happy, and transformed.

54. I have complete power over my health, wellness, and well-being.

55. Daily in every way, I’m feeling more energetic and restored.

56. I have the energy, vitality. and willpower to live a healthy whole life.

57. I am healthy in every aspect of my being.

58. I have complete power over my mind, body, and spirit.

59. My energy vibrates radiant light, love, and power.

60. My personal power is in complete harmony with my health, and wellness.

61. I embrace my new vibrant body with joy, and gladness

62. I know my health is being completely restored back to its original state.

63. I am calm, composed, and confident about my health.

64. Every single moment that passes, I’m feeling better, stronger, and healthier.

65. I am relaxed, centered, and refreshed in my present state of mind.

Love & Relationships

positive affirmations

66. I am aligning my thoughts, to attract the love of my life.

67. My destiny in life will bring the perfect match, at the perfect time, in the perfect place.

68. I will share my life with the one I love, and adore.

69. I release everything that stands in the way of me, and true love.

70. My soul mate is now drawing near.

71. I am so grateful for the love that I will experience.

72. I am now in the right place, at the right time, for the right person for me.

73. I naturally attract the right relationships into my life.

74. I am open to experience love from the perfect one for me.

75. I naturally attract the right relationships into my life.

76. I release myself to let go, and let love flow into my life.

77. My heart is now open for love.

78. I am attracting love with my heart, and mind.

79. I am creating room in my life for love, and romance.

80. I trust my intuition to tell me when I meet my true love.

81. I clearly see myself with the one I love, and adore.

82. I express love easily, and in return love expresses back to me.

More Money


83. Start training your mind to attract the right people and resources that generates more money. produce wealthy thoughts that and prosperity.

84. Money is an avenue to help other people and myself.

85. I love the energy that money produces.

86. Each day more and more money is pouring into my life.

87. I am now joyfully receiving wealth and abundance.

88. I am rich, and successful in everything I do.

89. I have resources that attract money easily, and naturally.

90. I create value, and money is the result.

91. Money flows into my life, so I can bless others, and myself.

92. I am confident, alert, and aware of people around me.

93. My energy, enthusiasm, and confidence attracts resources.

94. I know that I will reach my goals joyfully and easily.

95. I love what money can do for others, and myself.

 More Success

96. I am so grateful for my life, and the success that follows.

97. My life is a success story.

98. I use money for the good of others, and myself.

99. I am successful.

100. I am rich beyond measure.

101. Money is not my master, I master money.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these affirmations will help in your journey for positive change. Practice them every day. Decide on thoughts that motivate you, and start focusing on words to make them true. This is one of the best ways to start creating positive change in your life. To listen in audio see – Over 100 positive affirmations in audio – This is an entire affirmation series for every area of your life.

The Art of Brainwave Entrainment

What is Brainwave Entrainment?

Brainwave entrainment is perhaps the fastest, most effective technology for personal growth on the planet. Science has now learned that our brainwave frequencies affect every part of our life. This includes our memory, emotions, thought patterns, personality, learning abilities, and our overall health. Whenever two audio tones are played in each ear at ranges between 10 to 30 Hz cycles per second. Say one ear has a tone of 230 Hz and the other 220 Hz… your brain will pick up the difference and form a third frequency at 10 Hz and start synchronizing the beats which then creates a harmonic state of consciousness freeing blocked frequency passages in the brain.

When the brain hears these frequencies, it attempts to follow the frequency pattern. This is a natural process known as “brainwave entrainment. At this state the mind is wide open for positive suggestions and influence. These same frequencies in our brain can become blocked or deficient under a host of circumstances such as stress disorders, trauma, addiction, depression, and more.

The most effective way to unblock these trapped frequencies is through a process called brainwave entrainment. Simply put on some headphones… Let go….. And your brain will automatically do the rest.

What are the benefits?

Brainwave Entertainment has been scientifically proven to make you think sharper, Master emotions, increase energy, and sleep less. along with many other benefits. You can free your mind of destructive thought patterns while replacing them with positive energy that skyrockets your confidence, well-being, and success.

  • Personal GrowthConnect with yourself, and others on a deeper level
  • Increase Happiness: Increase deep sensations of happiness.
  • Stress Relief: If you’re under a lot of stress simply put on some headphones and let soothing sounds relieve the tension.
  • Motivation: Helps stimulate your brain to enhance motivation.
  • Health: Proven to benefit overall health.
  • Sleep Disorders: Deep sleep healing to relieve pressure build up.
  • Improves Focus: Increases high levels of focus to improve success in everything you do.
  • Increases Energy: Helps stimulate parts of the brain that make you energetic.
  • Relaxation: Brainwave Entrainment is one of the best methods for total relaxation, letting go, and relieving the mind of tension.
  • Addiction Aid: Has proven to help overcome addictions.

How Brainwave Entrainment Works

There are obviously lots of reasons that brainwave entrainment can benefit your life, but how does it work?  Well it’s not rocket science, but there is an art to getting the best results possible.

  • Create a pleasant environment: Create a place around you where you can relax, pray, and meditate.
  • Put on earphones:  Simply put on some earphones ….. close your eyes and listen to soft sounds that fill your mind with peace and relaxation. The initial effects of brainwave entrainment are usually reduced stress, and increased relaxation. However within a short period of time, you should be able to reach higher peaks on-demand.
  • Use positive suggestions:  Speak positive words into your mind, and focus on what you want. Usually about 8 minutes into the the audio sounds your subconscious mind will begin to open, and become more receptive to positive suggestions.
  • Learn to visualize: Using visualization is perhaps one of the most effective ways to master the art of brainwave entertainment. The longer you can hold your focus on something specific (20 seconds, or more) the more effective it becomes, and likely it will happen exactly as you imagine. For example if you want to buy a dream home be more specific. Smell the paint …. What color is it…. See the backyard …. You get the picture. Many successful athletes, actors, speakers, writers, and musicians use visualization to become the greatest in their profession. To learn more see the best information on Brainwave Entrainment.

How to Win Power Struggles in Marriage

Power struggles is one of the biggest reasons marriages end up in court instead of a life filled with love and happiness. Statistically the chances of any marriage to survive is not in everyone’s favor. As the divorce rates continue to skyrocket in marriage the sacred sacrifice of love for many have been lost.

One of the most miserable ways to live life is with someone you have grown to despise. There truly is a fine line between love and hate. If your going through power struggles in your marriage, you know exactly what that means. The endless arguments over the stupidest things, and the feeling of resentment, anger, and even regret. Here we will expose the root cause for power struggles in marriage, and offer real solutions that work. When you know the cause you can develop a plan to overcome them once and for all. Having a game plan for your marriage may not seem fun, romantic, or sexy, but the alternative is usually a lot worse.

power struggles

Why Power struggles?

When marriage begins certain boundaries have to be established in order for the relationship to have flow and function. These boundaries are invisible barrios that stem from our emotions, feelings, and identity. Whenever silly arguments start they usually have nothing to do with the real issue. The real issue is hidden deep down entangled with emotions that are shrouded with insecurity.

These insecurities are in denial and are usually demonstrated by the need to dominate and have power and control. Overtime we learn to hide behind our true feelings of being powerless, and unappreciated. We try hard to never let our insecurities show who we really are. There are many ways to win power struggles in marriage but here we will cut to the chase. Power struggles can be broken by three key elements that help hold the foundation of the marriage together.

Recognize: When the root cause of power struggles is recognized in marriage you have a real shot at overcoming it. There are real consequences when power struggles persist so weigh them carefully. Power struggles are like a tug-of war pulling a rope exerting every ounce of energy at all cost for victory. The problem is there’s no victory in power struggles with marriage. Both end up losing and many times the children are stuck with the consequences.

Power struggles drains the marriage and eventually causes broken dreams and wasted years of misery. Having a my way or high way attitude will eventually leave you with your worst fears. Powerless, unappreciated, not needed, and alone! Recognizing power struggle motives and realizing the consequences help give a new healthy perspective.

Trust:  It’s better to trust and be happy then not to and be miserable. Trust is not about perfection but more in honesty and dependability. Before you can truly be open and honest there has to be a willingness of trust. Trust takes time and can be lost much quicker then gaining it.

Would you trust someone who makes mistakes and admits it, or someone who lies and tries to cover it up? Many of us are guilty in one way or other if were truly honest! Trust is layered in the foundation of truth and without it the marriage will not stand.

Be open: Being more open takes practice, and courage because it will leave you venerable for criticism. When heated arguments start remember the real reasons are insecurities. No matter who is right the tug of war has begun and both are on a quest to win. So how can this never-ending cycle be broken or at least reduced for the purpose of sanity? You will never win with power struggles in marriage as long as you’re pulling the rope. Let go of the rope and harness your inward power to rise above the argument.

Now you’re in complete control and you will need to be as transparent open and honest as possible. This action just cut the rope in half so now there’s nothing to pull from either side. Letting go of the rope is not about being right or wrong, it’s having the power within to destroy the petty back and forth argument and rise above the insecurities.

This starting point broke the power struggles in half and has now left you vulnerable in the hands of your spouse so you can actually hear what they have to say.  This may seem like your setting yourself up for disrespect and a lost fight but think again. The battle may have been lost momentarily but the war is now strategic and the enemy is not your spouse but the power struggle itself.

Power struggles vs true love

The power of love can overcome power struggles and bring hope back into most marriages. When you feel out of love and there’s nothing left, love is still there deep down.

Some people make more mistakes than others but love covers a multitude of wrongs. Your marriage can always improve if the foundation is built on love the most powerful source in the universe. People will marry for convenience, money, companionship, religion, and so on! But with out “Love” it will never fulfill the desires of the heart. Deep down you know if you are in love or just going through the motions.

One way to make marriage completely dysfunctional is to have an appetite to physiologically overpower your spouse and try to control them intellectually. This will only tear down confidence and if you ever win you have truly lost. Find ways to give compliments and encouragement even if you have to think hard, but don’t flatter. Love is more than an emotion and with time, effort, and patience it can overcome  power-struggles.

The power of love can restore the marriage better than before and reignite the passion to accomplish lost dreams and goals. When two people marry for love, there’s a power that binds them together for any accomplishments in life. Sometimes it seems easier just to walk away then sort out the problems, but with patience love can overcome power struggles.

Develop a game plan to win

The marriage life without a plan of action is like building a house without an architect. Your marriage should be more than hope for the best and plan for the worst. Most people remember their wedding day and how magical the moment seemed, but things change over time and so do people. The marriage will go through never-ending cycles of change with ups and downs, but the magic is rekindled the moment a vision is born that both agree on and are willing to embrace each other for it. Having a marriage plan together with goals helps bring clarity back into the relationship.

Planned goals are easy when things are going well in marriage but hard when there not. When a marriage is under fire planed goals seems pointless! But something powerful happens when both can still agree on set goals despite indifference’s.

Often times when hope seems unattainable and the marriage is on the brink, restoration is closer than you might think! After 28 years of marriage raising a son and two daughters, I’ve learned a few things about marriage and parenting. There was a time when our marriage was on the rocks and I was blinded with good intentions. I thought what more does she want from me, I work hard supply our needs and never stop.

You see, that was the problem I never stopped! I never stopped to recognize her or tell her how much I love and cherished her. I never stopped to be Open and tell her who I really was and how I really felt about our marriage, life and my insecurities.  And I lost my way and couldn’t even Trust myself not to mention anyone else in life.

Having a marriage plan was the last thing on my mind! You can begin today and avoid the lessons I had to learn by putting in place a plan of action to destroy power struggles for what they are, and begin a new life of vision and purpose. This is the way you win power struggles in marriage.

Final thoughts

Rise above the petty arguments and break the bonds that keep the marriage back. This plan of defense needs to be in a give and take relationship that is committed 100%, not my way or highway. This plan of action when used properly can change the circumstance in marriage power struggles and create a life and happiness.

Developing the Art of Self-Confidence

Learning the art of self-confidence can actually make you healthier, happier, and more successful. You will build better relationships, have more money, energy, and enthusiasm. These are only a few of the benefits that are available when we overcome our fears, and grow in self-confidence. There is a way that leads to a life filled with purpose, expectation,  and well-being. Developing self-confidence is one of the best ways to  position your life for more happiness, abundance, and overall success in every thing you do. There is a way to grow more self-confidence while living a life filled with vision, purpose, and well-being. Developing self-confidence positions your life to manifest success in every way imaginable.

Growing self -confidence

Before we can grow self-confidence we have to be wiling to face our true colors. If we ignore who we are it will sabotage our identity, and character having no purpose, or direction in life. The root cause is actually traced to all kinds of fear. Fear of failure, fear of others, fear of our-self, and the fear of facing the truth.

You might think this is a psychological disorder few face, but think again. Studies have now shown that most people don’t like themselves, not to mention have the confidence to overcome these fears. How can anyone be self-confident when they can’t even face who they are? Have you ever felt like a leaf tossed in the wind having no since of belonging?  When we run away from our feelings and emotions we are never satisfied. We drift farther from home with lost dreams, and our self-confidence begins to fade away. Below are some simple tips & techniques to grow more self-confidence.

  • Become accountable for every thing that happens in your life. When you’re not accountable you become a victim of circumstance, and lose your inherited authority to change direction. Accountability puts you in the driver seat, and makes you more self-confidence.
  • Get to know who you are. If you find yourself going in circles, and getting nowhere it’s time to stop the cycle. Spend some time evaluating your true feelings and emotions toward your relationships, career, friends, and overall life. Remember the power of change is in your hand. When your actions are moving you away from your true desires it’s hard to build self-confidence on that foundation.

Overcoming the fear of failure

Overcoming the fear of failure is something we all have to face in life. Playing it overly safe never brings out the extraordinary potential inside. Failure is only a process of practice, and without it success is not only unlikely, but impossible. Overcoming fear is not easy when the mind only sees the negative and not the possibilities.

Fear keeps people from raising the bar and making positive changes they desperately need. It takes courage to look inside and admit that fear has caused several wrong choices in life. People with the courage to face their fears have a better chance at success. It takes honesty to overcome these fears, and courage to face them with confidence.

“True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful”.  Paul Sweeney

  • Don’t fear being wrong: Developing the confidence to overcome fear is not about being right. People who fear being wrong usually never experience their full potential. How many times have you turned down opportunities because you didn’t trust your intuition? When you develop the confidence to face being wrong and learn from those experiences things will shift in your favor.

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong”. Peter T. McIntyre.

  • Master the power within; Power is not always money or position. There is a power within you that can bring the life you always dreamed, but first you must harness it, and then learn to master it. Once you do you can build self-confidence with a deliberate determination that becomes unstoppable. The place to start is in the mind. This is where the impossible becomes possible, and the power of imagination can ignite a dream. Once you have a vision in your mind, and a deep desire to make it a reality nothing will stand in your way including fear. You will literally become unstoppable.

Improving your body language

Positive thought patterns are the most powerful force to create confidence over fear. The way you think is why you’re so unique from others. No one has ever existed here on earth in the past, present, or future that can think exactly like you.

Our thoughts are more powerful when we condition our mind to take authority over fear. There are things in us that only we have power over. There are manifestations created by inner thoughts that guide the conditions of circumstance in our life every single day.

Learning the art of self-confidence can improve your life dramatically whether in finances, relationships, or personal success.  Your confidence is a mind-set that people notice immediately. Whether you know it or not your body language sends off signals what kind of person you are to those around you. They can easily determine your level of self-confidence just by the way you walk, talk, dress, act, make eye contact among many other things which tell the world mercilessly who you are. Or at least who they think you are.

I feel much more comfortable doing business with a self-confident person over someone who’s withdrawn, nervous, or unsure of themselves. But even those with these characteristics can improve their body language, and completely turn their life 360. If you want to have a good first impression you better learn to fake it until you make it. Our body language speaks louder than words. Anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life can benefit greatly by learning how to improve their body language in a way that makes those around them more comfortable, and confident in your presence. Body language can work in your favor when you practice the art of self-confidence.  Remember  self-confidence is a mind-set, and it can skyrocket your success as soon as you decide.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it” Marcus Aurelius.

Develop confidence over fear

What does confidence, and arrogance have in common? Absolutely nothing. Many mistakenly think of self-confidence as self-centered arrogance when actually the opposite is true. Without confidence you deprive yourself of your potential which is what your family needs most. People who are arrogant have a need to brag about themselves with insecurities that are trapped in fear. But a confident person knows who they are inwardly, and has no need, or desire to brag about themselves.

Having inner confidence is relaxing not tense. It feels natural, comfortable, and easy when your confident about yourself.  Arrogance causes pressure with a need for attention and exaltation. Does this sound like confidence to you? With inner confidence you wont need to impress people or pretend to be someone you’re not. Developing more confidence also helps you to overcome the fear of rejection, as well as the fear of failure.

One of the greatest feelings is when you begin to eliminate the strongholds of  fear.  The weight of the world is suddenly lifted off the shoulders of those with the courage. Fear is very subtle, and hard to detect. It’s victims seldom suspect the root cause. They don’t realize that it’s their fear that has robed them of their  joy, and happiness. Fear steals everything you cherish making you feel useless, hopeless. and  negative about life while self-confidence makes you get up each day with a feeling of expectation, and excitement.  Never allow fear to stand between you, and your dreams. You can’t change others, but you can change yourself, and learn to master the art of self. that skyrockets your success in everything you do.  


How to Enjoy Life & Increase Your Imagination

When all the dust settles do you enjoy life?  Think of a time in your life when you were truly happy. I remember as a kid spending an entire summer with my grandparents making homemade ice cream, and spending endless hours starring at the stars. It felt as though anything I could imagine was possible. This invincible feeling began to fade as I grew older replacing imagination with logic, and practicalities. I had to learn like everyone else to survive in a world filled with challenges. But as I grew older, and a little wiser I realized that you can’t accomplish much without imagination. Sometimes it’s easy to get so preoccupied we forget what makes us happy. The purpose here is to provide simple strategies to enjoy life despite the high demands just to survive.

When it comes to enjoying life there are few things more important than understanding what brings out the best in us. When we are at our best everything  flows with more rhythm, purpose, and enthusiasm.

Developing your imagination:  Your Imagination can do wonders when you know how to harness it, and use it to work in your favor.  It can help you visualize how it will feel once you experience a certain dream. Imagination can bring new ideas, new opportunities, and new resources, which could change your lifestyle dramatically.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”.Albert Einstein.

We are all born with an imagination from early on, but many of us lose it along the way. We stop dreaming. We follow our head knowledge without any heart knowledge. We learn to be logical, skeptical, and practical. Which are needed to a certain point, but they can also become unhealthy, unbalanced, and ultimately work against us. The logical mind hates change, and will fight you around every corner to keep things as they are even though positive changes are desperately needed in your life. Without change we become stagnate. So stand up, stir the waters, plant seeds, be extraordinary, plant seeds, and reap the harvest.  Without imagination we lose sight of who we are, and get distracted from things that would otherwise improve our life a hundred fold.

Think in terms of benefits: Think about the things you want in your life, then imagine the benefits that will come once you’ve accomplish them. For example:

  • How they will improve your lifestyle
  • How accomplishing them will free your schedule, so you have more family time, less stress, and more money to do the things you enjoy in life.

Develop a desire for success: Developing a desire for success helps create the energy. and intensity needed to accomplish whatever you set out to do.. This also helps you increase your focus so you don’t lose sight of what you want to achieve. Your imagination is the gate way to your true desires. The reason many don’t enjoy life is because they have no desire to compel them into action. So dream big, and develop your inner drive for success so you enjoy life with more reason behind your ambitions instead of going through the motions.

Stay Motivated: Most of us can muster up something that motivates us for a day, or maybe a week, but how many can stay motivated all year ? Motivation is that inward driving force that pushes us to reach higher in life. You can find an endless supply of websites, books, seminars, and coaches all teaching basically three principles to get motivated.

  • Be Positive
  • Just do it
  • Never give up

This is great advice, but it’s not quite that easy. There’s a little more to it then catchy phrases. Without imagination, a dream, a vision, with a purpose you will not get very far. When you have all of these working together systematically inside of you…… You’ll become unstoppable. You will naturally be at your best creating results that make you very successful. Let’s face it ….When we experience positive results we think better, work better, and feel better which creates the environment to enjoy life more.

Enjoy life despite challenges 

Enjoying life is our highest calling. We all know that with any dream comes challenges which is why many avoid them at all cost. There is no magic pill to effortlessly make all our dreams come true without a challenge. However you can eliminate some of them, and make a decision to enjoy life more in the process. Here are some suggestions below.

“Principles to help make life more enjoyable”.

  • Don’t be to hard on yourself
  • See failure as practice
  • Celebrate small victories
  • Remove fear & anxiety
  • Plan your morning
  • Read books
  • Give your-self a break
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Avoid boredom
  • Reward your-self
  • Think about your strengths
  • Find friends who motivate you
  • Find ways to learn
  • Take a day off
  • Learn to enjoy the small things in life
  • Prepare your-self for each day
  • Learn to live in the moment
  • Pray & Meditate
  • Give as much as possible to help people
  • Be thankful for everything you have

Final thoughts

Remember that your imagination opens the door to new ideas, strategies, and what you want in life. Once you have an idea you can build a game plan to accomplish it. This creates the clarity, direction,  and intensity needed to put your dreams into action. The end result is more confidence, less stress, and an incredible way to enjoy life like never before